About Royal Draco CBD

All of this came about kind of by accident for me, I set out to help myself, family and friends, then I was asked if I wanted to sell anything, and it’s progressed from there.  I reinvest everything into the next product, and every hour I have into research.

I use ZERO chemicals, ethical ingredients and mother nature as my medicine cabinet now.  Where humanly possible EVERYTHING is either recyclable or reusable.  I don’t do artificial colours or preservatives.

The whole product range is VEGAN FRIENDLY, I have friends who are vegans.

I believe in less is more, the fewer ingredients the better, it’s all about the quality of what goes into everything, not the quantity, you don’t have to throw 30 ingredients into everything to get the desired result, but you do need quality, and by nature I am fussy about what I use.

Everything listed here under products I have tested and use myself, if it’s not good for my family and doesn’t do what it was designed to do, it doesn’t leave my sight.  Not all my experiments work out first time.  I am my own test subject, though I do have a few helpers with that as well.

I use all glass and stainless steel utensils when I am mixing, and everything I use for this is specifically for this.  The molds for the soaps are bespoke, I designed them, I created them and they are made from food grade silicon.  Everything is hand made by me, designed by me, and hand finished by me. xx

If you want to gain access to the Wholesale product price list, please use the contact form below with details of your shop.

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