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WHEN I can grow my own without fear of persecution and criminalisation, I will be taking full daily advantage of THCA and every other cannabinoid, healthy body, healthy mind and NO HIGH. 100% benefit from the miracle plant that should be listed beside cabbage and herbs in supermarkets! 🙂

Everyone is getting sicker because they have removed by unjust law our own freedom to eat what we want, you cannot criminalise a plant, only people. The war on DRUGS as they like to refer to it is destroying people’s lives, even top ranking Police Officers agree it’s time to change. The role of the police force is to protect people from HARM from OTHER PEOPLE, not protect people from themselves. Most drug raids these days are being carried out against peace loving individuals, many of whom have medical need and are growing for themselves so they know what they are getting and are not as risk from ‘dodgy dealers’ and there are some out there, take away the black market and let people grow for themselves, things will be much safer. In the meantime, people that need Cannabis can’t get it on prescription NO MATTER what the media and government tell you and so are CRIMINALS for trying to save themselves or people they love, by growing or buying illegally, or if they are recreational users are doing no harm at all to anyone GENERALLY.

The police are underfunded as it is, and we are expecting them to uphold what is an unjust law that is against human rights taking time and money away from where it is needed, assault, murder, rape, kidnapping etc.  Then there is the cost in court time, and more than anything else to cost to people LIVES.  They are either having their lives ruined by a police record for a tiny amount of Cannabis, having their health damaged by the removal of a few plants that are helping them, the mental health ruined by all the stress.  There are also people growing not only for themselves but also so they CAN HELP OTHERS who need cannabis, can’t get in on prescription, can’t or don’t know how to grow it and are desperate for help because the Medical Profession and NHS have failed them.  People that are sick of the dangerous and unpleasant side effects of the REAL DRUGS, the prescribed and LEGAL DRUGS, the synthetic poisons we are forced to accept as being SAFE when many people are aware of just how unsafe they are.  We want to choose HERBAL ORGANIC SAFE treatment for ourselves, we fight for the right to CHOOSE.  Anyone looking after their own health with cannabis is likely saving doctors time, NHS time, Prescription Costs and doing no harm apart from NOT TAKING PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS.  Do you see where I am going, Pharmaceutical companies are not in the habit of helping people or curing people, they are in THE BUSINESS of gaining and retaining customers, however they can and keeping their shareholders RICH.

Cannabis is CHEAP, without the black market keeping the prices up it would be even cheaper.  However, pharmaceutical companies have realised that they can make a killing in making a product that is CANNABIS DERIVED not pure, DERIVED which will carry side effects again, and selling it to the NHS for more than the price of GOLD.  This stuff used to grow on just about every continent of the planet like a weed, it didn’t need cultivating, bug spraying or treating with fertiliser, it just grew and did its own thing.  Animals grazed on it and it found its own way into our food chain and we were healthier then, we had natural cannabinoids.  It has been used for CENTURIES by many civilisations medicinally and spiritually.  Hemp, which is STILL CANNABIS, the definition being that it has a very small amount of THCA in it which converts to THC when heated, this is the compound that gets you high.  It is the PERFECT crop for farmers.  It’s an excellent food source for farm animals, seeds will feed wild birds, it replenishes and repairs soil, it cleans polluted air, you can make tea with it, you can make balms with it, we can eat it like salad leaves, it is full of Omegas, it’s antioxidant, it works against free radicals, it’s cheap to grow and can be harvested in about 16 weeks!  It needs very little water, much less than cotton, jute or flax.  It’s carbon neutral and can even clean up radioactive soil, it’s been proved.  Imagine how good for our air and soil it would be if in 16 weeks’ time we had acres of hemp growing and turning around global warming?  Far faster than planting trees, plus a healthy food source, not to mention a source for paper, housing, vehicles, bio-fuel, textiles.  We need to return our planet to health and return ourselves to health.

If I had to choose between walking into a licensed club for Cannabis or a licensed club for alcohol, I would choose a cannabis club any day of the week. I have met both groups of people. The drinkers scare the hell out of me, I’ve seen the arguments, fights and general bad behaviour. Generally, the worst you are going to get in a Cannabis club is a warm welcome and a hug. All age groups mixing together happily, talking and enjoying each other’s company with hot and cold drinks and very likely food on site as well. I am far more worried about walking into a betting shop, though for ethical reasons I don’t go near them anyway and never will. I also generally avoid pubs and clubs and for that matter city or town centres on weekends especially.

I have nothing against anyone who chooses alcohol or tobacco, that is their choice, what I object to is a plant that has never done any harm to anyone, and in fact is a necessary nutritional requirement for health and Homeostasis being ILLEGAL because it has no THERAPEUTIC BENEFIT, yet the UK is the largest exporter of MEDICAL CANNABIS! Can anyone say ‘double standard’. So we can export medical cannabis that has no therapeutic benefit to other countries, but cannot allow our people to have it? Is their medical cannabis more medical than the one we can grow ourselves? No, of course it isn’t it’s exactly the same cannabis, the difference is that people in government with their fingers in the shareholder’s pie have granted LICENCES to friends or relatives to grow it so that they can get their CUT. So now ask yourself, who are the REAL drug dealers? The real liars, the real hypocrites in this story.

Interesting fact, the misuse of drugs act actually lists Delta 6 THC which is synthetic. Organic Cannabis is Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 THC and probably a few others that they haven’t isolated yet. ANYTHING synthetic is DANGEROUS, a plant is not!

I can legally grow Foxgloves (digitalis) which is FATAL if enough is ingested. I could plant tobacco plants without challenge, nightshades are also lethal and many other plants. Those I can grow in my front garden where ANYONE can get hold of them. Alcohol I can buy, brew and drink myself to death LEGALLY and cause a public disturbance if I wish, I can buy tobacco in many forms legally and slowly kill myself, things that drain the NHS, require ambulance call outs, police calls outs and DRY OUT CENTRES in major cities to keep the drunk out of hospitals where they cause problems and MORE COST. Prescription medication which is HIGHLY addictive and dangerous I can pop to the GP (drug dealer) for, yet a plant that can help millions of people they are not allowed to grow and use in the privacy of their own house and share with friends and family if they so choose? You don’t have to get HIGH to use cannabis, it’s not ALL about smoking it, and it has SO MANY benefits for the human body for pain, anxiety, inflammation, immune system, cardiovascular system, brain etc. It’s also ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

There aren’t many other plants that can boast what Cannabis can do, and yet they decided to make it ILLEGAL. The research has been done MANY times over in MANY countries in the world. Ask yourself, is it us campaigners lying so that we can JUST GET HIGH, or is it the government because they are scared to be hit with a class action law suit for all the needless suffering and deaths that have happened BECAUSE of PROHIBITION.  Prohibition is the killer, not the plant.–sCsu4Sku6xM39Ch08Fp237YSegdk6Q4bO8dOL1hICzLk8gx1Pcg6Y


Claire x

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