CBD Balm Plus

CBD Balm Plus came about because I wanted to find a way to get the Purple CBD Paste to penetrate further into the skin, making it almost trans-dermal in nature.  My reasoning being that if it can penetrate deeper into the skin layers it is going to work better and faster on pain and inflammation.

My inspiration for this was watching my mum suffer with crumbling shoulder bones and the amount of pain that she was in with very little help from doctors and painkillers.  She had already been using the purple balm which I had been making for her and had found relief with it.  I reasoned if I could make it work better then it could only be a good thing, I dislike immensely any of the topical lotions and potions that you can buy over the counter in chemists as they are full of god knows what chemicals with potentially harmful side effects, so I wanted a way to make the CBD Balm trans-dermal.

I discovered by accident that Aloe Vera has a compound in it which actually allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin and reasoned that if THC helps CBD to penetrate the brain barrier to treat epilepsy, then in theory Aloe Vera could do the same with CBD.  I did some research and discovered that some testing has been done and it will in fact do what I wanted.  I also happen to love the natural health benefits of Aloe Vera anyway, so for me it was a win win.

I made a batch up with a recipe I worked out and gave some to mum and a few other people to test, including myself, in our opinions it does exactly what I set out to accomplish, or to borrow a phrase, exactly what is says on the tin.

Claire Sparey

CBD Balm plus
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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    I have used this for elbow and knees for the last few months. It works really well. Just having a break from the pain is well worth it.

    • Royal Draco
      Royal Draco says:

      I’m very glad to hear that you are getting some benefit from it. And as a happy side effect it’s very good for the skin. x


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