I made the High and Polite list with one of the balms

Well this came as something of a surprise today!

I was sent this link today by a friend, and nearly fell over when I saw one of my balms listed as number 8!  It is actually the old recipe and the old labelling, but it made it on there none the less.

This is the original CBD Green Balm which now contains Candelilla Wax rather than Beeswax so is now suitable for Vegans, it also now has a finalised logo label rather than the temporary labels it started with.  Other than that it’s not changed.

I have changes to make to the Website with changed ingredients and photos, but at the moment time constraints are causing a slight issue, but it’s all in the pipeline, along with HOPEFULLY 4 more new products to be listed that I am personally rather excited about, but details on those will follow along shortly.

Claire xx

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