Swansea CBD Social with The White Swan and The Brain Box Shop

I was invited to attend the first of hopefully many CBD Social events this weekend, which coincided with the end of the Swansea Fringe.  Hubby decided we were going to make a night of it, so rather than drive there and back we booked ourselves a hotel for the night, and we were very glad we did.  We got to have a wander around Swansea during the day and then out to The White Swan for 4.20pm.

Now, I’ve never attended anything like this before and due to anxiety was rather nervous anyway, turns out there was NO NEED.  Walked into the pub and the first thing that greeted us was the owner of the pub with a big smile calling welcome to us and asking us what we wanted to drink.  This is a pub thankfully unlike many, it’s a nice return to the ‘old days’ kind of vibe.  Log fire, dog wandering about some people having a pint and others sat with a lovely cup of hemp tea.  Their tea board is equal to their alcohol board; I’ve rarely seen so many tea options anywhere.  Everyone there was friendly and mingled together like old friends, none of the usual staring ensued.  And the PIES!  Friends and family know that when it comes to food I can find fault with just about anything, but I have never in my life had a pie like these!  Crammed to the roof with ingredients, flavour and in a pasty case that you couldn’t possibly find fault with!

The Social itself was wonderful, we got to talk with people who have been on the CBD journey themselves, and also with those who have just started their journey or are looking to start.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to talk with people who have similar stories to my own, who have suffered at the hands of medication and have now found another way to look after themselves without filling their bodies with chemical prescribed poison and have suddenly found that they once again have the freedom to LIVE again.

The Brain Box Crew obviously were in attendance, and it’s like having a whole new extended family.  We all got to talk to people and socialise, they got to discuss some of their products that they had brought along, and I got to give out some free sample and tell people about them, including the new vegan range of lip balms, the CBD Soaps and the CBD Massage Bars.  In all it was an emotional, freeing and friendly night.

Will I be doing it again, HELL YES!  Would I change anything about it or the venue or people NEVER, I can’t think of a better place, with a better group of people to be together and look after each other.  CBD can free the world.  Hemp can nourish the world, and Cannabis can CURE THE WORLD.  I love you all. x

The White Swan
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