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I was lucky enough last weekend to be invited to the Grand Opening of The Ivy Garden in Penarth.  The shop has been set up in a way that it is clean and fresh looking, it almost has the feel of a florists when you walk in, it is decorated beautifully and is so welcoming with it’s first impression.  I have been to other CBD shops and head shops, but the feel of this one is just totally different, it has that unique boutique feel to it.  You are greeted with a smile.


There is a good assortment of products on display and it is well laid out, nothing feels forced or cluttered, just well thought out and minimal.  Added to the look of the shop itself is the fact that it has it’s own beautifully laid out garden to the rear of the shop with seating and tables to be enjoyed during periods of nice weather.  Potted plants are scattered about to bring that element of calm and being in nature to the relaxing environment and it is an ideal place to enjoy a Hemp Pre Roll smoke and have a chat with whomever you are sharing the garden with, I enjoyed mine with a nice cup of Chamomile tea and the ever elusive Welsh sunshine.

Though the shop had been open for a short while before the Grand Opening Party the part was well thought out as well, and we were very lucky to have the weather on our side.  Everyone that attended was given a goodie bag.  Mine contained a Pre Roll, chocolate stirrer and some tea.  Anyone that knows me will know that I am in love with all things Hemp and CBD, and I have to say all the goodies were very happily enjoyed.  Other people also got a Royal Draco goodie bag that I put together especially for the opening, we should all be supporting local business and I was happy to help out as I consider Toni a friend and it’s always nice to have a chat about all things CBD, from a personal experience level and also from an industry and legal level, comparing thoughts and exchanging tips for all things health.

The Ivy Garden

All in all it was a really nice afternoon, with good company and people with similar thoughts.  It was also nice to meet some new people and form connections even if in a sad way we have connected via our own experiences of poor health and our on going battles, but it is nevertheless nice to be able to compare notes and speak to people that have experience of the same health issues and that they can offer information on how they are dealing with their issues.  It’s always nice to be around people who understand you it makes ‘just being’ so much less of an effort when you don’t have to try and act ‘normal’.

It was a wonderful day, enjoyed by all and a credit to all the hard work Toni has personally put into it, keep it up hunni, you are doing a wonderful job!

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Ivy Garden
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