CBD Soap

Having discovered that every time I clean the bathroom there seem to be a million plastic bottles that have to be recycled and knowing that plastic is BAD for the environment, especially the oceans I set myself a mission.  I hate plastic and all it stands for, I also detest chemicals and additives almost as much as my skin appears to, so the solution became clear, make my own solid bars, starting with the obvious soaps.

As I am also madly in love with my CBD in all it’s forms it made perfect sense to me to make soap that contained CBD and some nice beneficial essential oil.  The options became obvious, I was already looking for an essential oil that I could fall in love with other than Lavender or Sweet Orange, so Frankincense became the obvious option for me as it has some fantastic health benefits.

So I set about hunting around for the prefect recipe for a hemp inspired cold process soap recipe, I immediately discounted the option of cheating and making melt and pour soap, after all, if something is worth doing it’s worth doing properly, so cold process it was.  I found a recipe I liked the look of, ordered in the required ingredients, not to mention the safely equipment.

The next challenge was to take it all one step further, I’m not a fan of doing what everyone else does, so rather than buy moulds, I decided that as I had some practice of mould making I would design and create my own moulds.  Some research later I found exactly what I needed.

End result, Green Spirit and Green Goddess were born, now I get to pace the floors waiting for the next 4 weeks for them to cure so I can test them.  More on that later.

Claire Sparey

CBD Soaps
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