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I have known Simon the Viking for a good few years now, we first met over our love of snakes and we have remained friends since.  He is also the friend that started me on my CBD journey with vaping CBD.  As I learnt more about CBD and it’s delivery methods I then moved into using CBD Oils on a daily basis.  If for not other reason than this I will always be eternally grateful.

Once I realised exactly what CBD could do not only for me but for friends and family I started playing with it to see what else I could make it do that would be beneficial for all of us, and my journey branched out.  My first aim has always been to help family and friends, when I realised that was actually happening is when Royal Draco came about, and Simon has been right there along side, offer support and encouragement.  He is also my go to guru for all things vape and dab, as that is where he really shines.

One of the things I love about Simon is that he tells it like it is, if he can find a flaw with something he will tell you honestly, not only that but will suggest a way to rectify it.  I started out sending products to Simon for his benefit more than for him to review it, as it’s turned out it has worked both ways.  He is very dedicated to what he does and favours no one, he tests, reviews and gives his honest opinion.

My favourite Viking is not paid for any of his reviews.  He is sometimes sent free products to test, in return he photographs them and writes a review that the company or person is then able to use, his payment for the products is his time and photography.  More than that, a great amount of his own money is used to purchase products that he can review, yes he does have the benefit of using them, but he also puts time and effort into writing a well put together impartial review that others most definitely will find useful.  I often have to refer back to his Facebook page for reference on some things, especially anything that relates to distillates, waxes or vapes, I confess I also often fire him off messages to pick his brains!

If you are looking to get a product impartially reviewed, or want to find information on a product that he has already reviewed, or even if you just want to learn more I can highly recommend Viking CBD Reviews on Facebook, you can also find him hanging out on Instagram.

I am very very fond of my pet Viking and I can’t stress enough how much you would enjoy his write ups and how to’s.  Follow the link to Valhalla here! 🙂

Viking CBD Reviews
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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    Thank you Claire, I’m glad that I’ve managed to help you so much, really touched and will always have my support!

    It’s roughly 4 1/2 years now!
    Hopefully, soon we can meet at one of the TBBS’s
    get to gethers !

    • Royal Draco
      Royal Draco says:

      Likewise, I have your back!

      It’s been a while, and I am sure that soon enough we will get together and cause all kinds of chaos! x


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